Cyber Security is a Business problem that we can solve together

Cyber Threats are constantly evolving and more organisations report being impacted by a Cyber Incident each year, the risk is indiscriminate when it comes to sector or size of organisation.

Your aim is to grow your organisation, ours is to secure it.
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Proactive Protection

We look for what is coming and not just what has just been. Prevention is always better than cure.

Innovative Solutions

The latest technology to ensure that your organisation can stay operational no matter what the threat is.

Smart Management

Security monitoring of your network and knowing exactly who is accessing your network and what they are doing.

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What We Do​

We do one thing. 
We do it very well. 
Cyber Security.

We focus on Cyber Security, it is constantly changing and we have to be one step ahead of the the threat actors.

If you don't have the resource or the tools to keep ahead, we can fulfil that role by becoming an extension to your current IT Infrastructure, not replacing it, but enhancing it and reducing your risk.

Your operational costs are predictable with no massive outlay for Capital Expenditure items allowing you to easily budget for your protection.

Managed Security Services
Monitoring of Cyber Attack


Protect your organisation by using Next-Generation technology in our Firewalls and Endpoint Protection backed up by the very latest Threat Intelligence to ensure operations continue no matter what the threat is.

Detection of Cyber Incident


We have Partnered with leading Cyber Security Vendors to secure your organisation. You don't need to suffer from multiple prime support contractors ‘finger pointing’, we take ownership of any issues to ensure your organisation isn't impacted and stays protected.

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Impersonation Detection

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Managed Security Services

Complete Security Solutions to protect your Organisation and Brand. We manage the Risk for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Managed Security Services

Security Products

Individual products to solve individual problems that can be combined to create multiple layers of security, offering Defence-in-Depth.

Security Products

We do more than just Software, we do Complete Solutions

We offer Complete piece of mind. We look at what is coming and not just what has been, reducing the risk of a successful attack or breach that will impact your Operations & Brand Reputation.

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