Advanced Threat Protection

Growing threats from ransomware, CEO fraud and digital espionage – Advanced Threat Protection protects your organisation effectively from cyber attacks.

Threats are constantly evolving and the bad actors are doing all they can to get at your money and data. 

Stop the threat before it enters user mailboxes.

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Protection from Blended Attacks

Blended attacks use different types of malware at the same time. Viruses, spyware, spam and phishing are combined in one email attack.

This blending of attack methods and penetration of different vulnerabilities makes cyber attacks even more complex and difficult to detect.

Malicious Document Encryption

The latest risk from cybercrime is critical: hackers are increasingly using encrypted email attachments to infiltrate corporate systems with malware.

Classic anti-virus programs cannot detect the malware hidden by this encryption. Malicious Document Decryption adds another essential feature to Advanced Threat Protection: encrypted email attachments are decrypted using appropriate text modules. The decrypted document is then subjected to an in-depth virus scan. This keeps your mailbox safe from even this advanced threat.

75% of Organisations report being Victims of a Phishing Attack

Key Features
  • Unknown links are rewritten to offer 'time of click' protection.
  • Blocks emails containing malicious links in the message body, attachments and even ones that are password protected.
  • Linked landing pages are dynamically analysed in real-time to determine their authenticity

Beyond the Phish

Phishing attacks commonly contain links to fake login pages for well known websites such as Office 365, Google Docs, Dropbox etc in an attempt to steal a users credentials. The ATP Service analyses the URL and secures the user's entire outgoing session.

Click Protection - URL Rewriting

In an attempt to evade traditional email filters, attackers wait until after an email has been delivered before 'weaponising' the link landing page. URL Rewriting & Scanning defence rewrites unknown and potentially suspicious links allowing for continual analysis of links and landing pages post-delivery, preventing a user from accessing a now known malicious link.


'Ransomware-as-a-Service' removes the cost and expertise to entry resulting in a threat landscape that has never been so diverse. Even minor variations in the malicious code can make previously seen malware/ransomware undetectable to reputable filters. The bad actors are constantly evolving their methods of attack.

The Sandbox is designed to investigate unknown and potentially malicious attachments that haven't yet been detected. Protecting you through the entire life-cycle of the threat.

These unknown and potentially malicious attachments are held in quarantine and your team are notified.

Targeted Fraud Forensics

The human in front of the PC is still considered one of the biggest security loopholes in a system, and cybercriminals are well aware of this fact. Hackers exploit this vulnerability through personalised attacks such as CEO fraud and spear phishing. 

Advanced Threat Protection uses innovative detection mechanisms such as spy-out detection, fraud attempt analysis and intention spoofing recognition to detect and prevent targeted social engineering attacks on employees. For this reason, incoming emails are examined for certain content patterns that indicate malicious intentions. This includes, for example, payment requests or requests for data output.