Email Continuity

Protect your organisation from server outages or service disruption with Email Continuity service. Email traffic is stored for 90 days. If emails are accidentally deleted or lost due to a failure of the company‘s mail server, they can be recovered within seconds.

Never Go Offline
Keep your emails flowing through fires, natural disasters, fires and any other issues that will make your emails unavailable
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Protect Against Downtime

Anything can happen. With our Email Continuity, you won’t have to worry about fires, break-ins, natural disasters, or anything else stopping your communications. With servers around the world, we can ensure no matter what is happening outside, your emails will keep flowing.

Keep Communication Going

If your server does go down, all a user has to do is log onto our webmail portal and they can send and receive their email as normal. Our Email continuity is simple to set up and even simpler to use, making it easy to focus on resolving the server issue.

Inbox Synchronisation

As soon as the server is up and running, users can switch back to their native email client and see all their messages, waiting for them in their inbox. Users can then view and search through all their communications, as if the server was never offline.

If the email system fails, the Email Continuity Service is immediately activated within seconds.
The booking and use of spam and malware protection is required in order
to guarantee the functions and efficiency of Continuity Service.

Automatic Email Continuity​

No settings or administration necessary. Your users just log into our web portal  to continue as normal and when the server is back up, all their emails will be waiting in their inbox.

Remote Access

Work from anywhere with our email continuity. Users will be able to send, receive, reply, and forward email as normal, whether they are working remotely or have just stepped away from their desk.