Email Continuity

Email On-Demand

Protect your business from server outages with Email Continuity service. Email continuity is available during normal operations for when you’re away from your computer or during disasters that knock your inbox offline. 

Email Continuity

Keep Email Flowing When Your Server is Down

Never Go Offline

Keep your emails flowing through fires, natural disasters, fires and any other issues that will make your server unavailable

Keep Communication Flowing

If your email server goes down all your users have to do is log into our secure website portal and they can continue to send and receive their emails as normal. Our Email Continuity is easy to set up and even easier to use, allowing you to get on with resolving the server issue.

Protect Against Downtime
Never Be Offline

Anything can happen. With our Email Continuity, you won't have to worry about fires, natural disaster or break-ins or any other issue from stopping your business communications. With servers around the world we can ensure, no matter what is happening outside, your email will keep flowing.

Synchronise Inbox

As soon as you get your server back up and running users can switch back to their native email client and see all their messages waiting for them in their inbox. Users can then view and search through all their communications as if the server was never offline.

Combine With Archiving

With the Continuity service rolling messages are kept for 14 days, however, if you combine our Archiving Service with Email Continuity each user will have access to the entire contents of their archive. All their emails will be available to the employee through their normal email client keeping your business running even when the email server is offline.


If you are ever worried about the expense of setting up a secondary emergency site location in the past, you need not worry anymore.

Email Retention Best Practice

Automatic Email Continuity

No settings or admin necessary. Users just log into the web portal at to continue working as normal until your server is back up and running and normal service is restored, all their emails will be waiting for them in their email account.

Remote Access

Work from anywhere with our Email Continuity Service. Users will be able to send, receive, reply and forward email whether they are working remotely or are just away from their desk.

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