Protect your passwords and secrets with ultimate security, visibility and control

81% of breaches are from a failure to secure passwords and credentials.

Throughout your organisation Keeper delivers the ultimate in enterprise security and cyberthreat prevention. 

Protect access to applications, systems, secrets and IT resources with zero-trust irrespective of the platform or device.

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Protect your Company from Credential-Stuffing and Account Takeover Attacks

Prevent Breaches

Reduce Helpdesk Costs

Ensure Compliance

Securely Architected and Elegantly Engineered

Save Money and Time

Easy, fast and affordable to integrate and deploy for organisations of any size

Safeguard Against Ransomware Attacks

Mitigates risks of breaches by providing real-time protection and secure access to applications and systems

Robust Compliance and Reporting

Simplifies and strengthens auditing and compliance including support 

Powerful Security Insights

Provides analytics into credential security across all endpoints and systems with native SIEM integration

Are any of the 5+ Billion Stolen Credentials For Sale on the Dark Web from Your Employees?

Organisations are at risk from employees having weak passwords stolen and sold on the Dark Web. BreachWatch constantly scans Keeper Vaults for passwords exposed on the Dark Web and alerts you and them to take action.

Key Features

Utilises Keeper's propriety zero-knowledge security architecture to protect your stored information

Provides enterprise level risk assessment and visibility

Integrates with Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module for notification of high-risk passwords.

Key Benefits

Performs unlimited scans on unlimited employee devices

Protect your organisation and employees against credential-stuffing attacks

Fortify your organisations cyber security posture

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