About Actisoft Technology

Our Vision

To create the ability to work securely anywhere, at anytime.

Our Mission

To provide SME's with the tools needed to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of their data without compromising the Goals, Objectives and Functions of the Business.

Our Values

Partnerships built on Trust and mutual Respect

Our Strategy

To ensure that SME’s have the choice of the best Cyber Security products available, and to be the best value for the cost.  

Our Strength

Focus on what you do best and grow your business while we focus on what we do best and reduce the risk to your business.

We do one thing. We do it very well. Cyber Security.

What makes ActiSoft Technology the Right Choice 

We provide a proactive, risk-based approach to security to deliver valuable cost-effective Security Solutions.

We will deliver complete solutions or solutions to fill your security gaps.

We know how businesses operate and that security should not reduce operational effectiveness or productivity.

Why choose ActiSoft Technology?

Our experience comes from managing security within SME's, we know the problems you face. There any many demands on your time and specialist Security staff aren't always within budget.

  • Fast deployment
  • No impact to user productivity
  • Reliable cloud services
  • Proactive threat monitoring
  • Fixed costs
  • Best industry practices
  • Complete solutions
  • Single or multi vendor solutions

Operational Excellence

Our culture is important to us. Everyone we come into contact with should feel respected and valued, not just once but at all times.

The health & well-being of our team is of the utmost importance within our culture, ensuring this is one of our highest priorities.

A Security Culture is expected within the business.

We aim to provide cost effective solutions to our Partners.

Our processes, procedures and security will undergo regular review for continual improvement.

Making Security a Breeze

  • Email Security
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Endpoint Security
  • Web/DNS Protection
  • VPN
  • Security Monitoring
  • UTM
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Email Continuity
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Single Sign-On
  • IT Security Assessments
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • SIEM
  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Security Awareness Training
  • and much more

15,000 Organisations  

Describe who you are and what you do that makes you stand out.

1,000 Talented contract 

Describe who you are and what you do that makes you stand out.

Global delivery for 

Describe who you are and what you do that makes you stand out.

50,000+ Active 

Describe who you are and what you do that makes you stand out.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our Carbon Footprint seriously and look to use technology to keep ours to a minimum. Where possible our standard is to have web meetings which not only reduces our Footprint but also aids with staff health & well-being which is a priority to us. 
Our responsibilities will change as we grow as a business and will be continually reviewed.
We send all our business documents electronically and print only when necessary. 
We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone can use the internet in a safe and secure manner and to pass our knowledge onto non-business users.

Our Partners

Our partners play a key role in protecting your investment in your business. We work closely with our Partners to ensure you get the best protection available.