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Consolidated, simplified security and networking

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Unified threat protection (UTP) consolidates multiple security and networking functions with one unified appliance that protects businesses and simplifies infrastructure. Simplified security and networking capabilities in one box reduces the risk of cyber threats, enables cloud access, and frees resources, enabling business leaders to focus on what matters most—revenue growth and profitability. 

Built-in Security

UTP serves as the core of your security capabilities so that you can achieve firewall protection and compliance

Cloud Ready with SD-Wan

Easily adopt Microsoft 365 and securely access cloud applications without hindering user experience or productivity. 

Simplified Infrastructure

A single unified console reduces the complexity across both wired and wireless infrastructures. Reduces costs and management time allowing you to focus on business growth.


Simple Management

Cloud-based management allows your staff to become more efficient by enabling a mobile workforce enabling you to grow your business.

Free Up Resources

Unified management and networking that scales as you grow allows you to free resource-constrained staff to focus on other efforts and reduce your costs.

Quickly & Easily Scale

The Fortinet Security Fabric allows you to seamlessly add products as your business grows, such as endpoint, sandboxing, and so much more.

Models and Specifications

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FortiGate Firewall
FortiGate/FortiWifi 50E Series Data Sheet
FortiWifi Firewall
FortiGate/FortiWifi 60E Series Data Sheet
FortiGate Firewall
FortiGate 80E Series