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Risk reduction is critical for organisations, which is why Identity Access Management is growing exponentially.

How secure are your users login credentials?

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Your business is more efficient and secure with our Identity and Access Management Solution

Single Sign-On


faster for your users to login and use all their apps


reduction in help desk tickets with login problems

Up to 5X

increase in integration of acquired businesses

Security Becomes Standard

Customise User Experience

One user-friendly experience for your users to access their apps.. Fully customise SSO and tailor to each device

Real-Time Security Reporting

Know who is accessing your apps and where from with geolocation tracking and use the pre-built reports for full discovery. Integrate with your SIEM

Always On

Reliable integration for all your apps including flexible access policy.

Adaptive Authentication

Secure user access with two-factor authentication using the Verify One-Time Password (OTP)

Integrate Securely with Active Directory

Integrate with Active Directory across multiple domains and self-service password reset.
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Multi-Factor Authentication

80% of hacking related breaches are related to weak passwords*


Intelligent policies that are based on login context will decrease identity challenges to risky logins


Authentication for your users, partners and customers accessing apps, your systems and their devices.


Simple to deploy and maintain and without impacting your users productivity
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*Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). Report can be viewed here.