We offer a wide range of individual Security Products to reduce the risk to your business that can be layered filling in any security gaps. Our products can be Managed (within a bundle) or Unmanaged to reduce your Security Risk

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Email Security

With 91% of all cyber attacks beginning with email, it is every organisation's biggest vulnerability. All it can take is one click for your day to become your biggest nightmare.

Endpoint Protection

With 94% of Malware having never been seen before you need protection that goes beyond the traditional signature based software.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Whatever the situation a good backup can save you. Back up regularly with the ability to test your restores without impacting your production environment.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Stay secure online. The encrypted tunnel will keep away hackers and cyber criminals and your device won’t be as vulnerable to attacks

Security Awareness Training

44% of employees don't check the links they click on. Regular training will allow your staff to make more informed educated decisions in the cyber world

Identity & Access Management

Be flexible in where employees can work from by adding this into your security matrix. Implement this and lock the front door to people you don't want in!

Compliance Manager

You have challenging compliance requirements, not enough time to get audits done and keeping up to date with risk assessments is a continuous problem. 

Dark Web Monitoring

Your data no longer lives only on your network and under your control, and a data breach can happen at any time. know if your email creds are on the Dark Web.

Microsoft 365 Business

Increase productivity throughout your organisation using the Microsoft 365 Business Tools! Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Secure ensuring the protection of your brand.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Getting Cyber Essentials certified protects your business against 99% of threats and demonstrates your security credentials to regulators and prospects

Security Key

The #1 security key, offering strong two factor authentication. Prevent account takeovers, go passwordless and modernise your multi-factor authentication.

Password Manager

Protect your organisation’s passwords, credentials and secrets with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security.
The power of advanced cybersecurity to protect every user and every system in your organisation.

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