We offer a wide range of individual Security Products to reduce the risk to your business that can be layered filling in any security gaps. Our products can be Managed (within a bundle) or Unmanaged to reduce your Security Risk

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Email Security

With 91% of all cyber attacks beginning with email, it is every organisation's biggest vulnerability. All it can take is one click for your day to become your biggest nightmare.

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Endpoint Protection

With 94% of Malware having never been seen before you need protection that goes beyond the traditional signature based software.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Whatever the situation a good backup can save you. Back up regularly with the ability to test your restores without impacting your production environment.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Stay secure online. The encrypted tunnel will keep away hackers and cyber criminals and your device won’t be as vulnerable to attacks

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Security Awareness Training

44% of employees don't check the links they click on. Regular training will allow your staff to make more informed educated decisions in the cyber world

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Identity & Access Management

Be flexible in where employees can work from by adding this into your security matrix. Implement this and lock the front door to people you don't want in!

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We have many more Security Products in our Portfolio, please call to find out more.

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