Advanced Security - MSSP2

Need a higher level of monitoring and protection? These services are in addition to the Essentials Bundle.

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Advanced Security

Password Management

Set you password policy and have your users use a Password Manager meaning they don't just change the number at the end!

Onsite Quarterly Review

Onsite review to look at how your security is working for you to ensure that there are no problems.

Intrusion Detection System

Monitor your network and systems for Malicious activity and policy violations and be prepared for what may be coming.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Understand the threats that have the potential to damage your business. Prepare, prevent and identify cyber threats


Real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

Single Sign-On

Authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure access for your entire business because 81% of data breaches involved weak or stolen credentials.

Dark Web Monitoring

Increase the coverage of your Dark Web Monitoring.

Security Awareness Training

Train and educate your users on the risks from phishing emails allowing them to make better educated decisions.

Phishing Simulation

Run simulations to see your phish prone percentage to see how your training is working.

Managed SOC

Specialised SOC analysts work each alert to validate real threats and identify false positives.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Add a fully Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution to your bundle giving complete piece of mind if the worst was to happen. Your business can be up and running within minutes with our solution. Quickly and efficiently capture your entire system including the OS, applications, settings and data on your servers (Windows & Linux), desktop or laptops. Recover entire systems or specific files & folders all from the same back up image in minutes keeping your business operational.