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Ignorance is risk: What you don't know can hurt you.

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Why Monitor the Dark Web?

Your data no longer lives only on your network and under your control, and a data breach can happen at any time. Most breaches happen through human error rather than from malicious attack, so you are unlikely to be aware of them. Email credentials are regularly shared on the Dark Web and other places so you need to be aware if any of your corporate email addresses or domains are appearing where they shouldn't be. When credentials are bought and sold online they can be used for a variety of cyber attacks from spear-phishing to account takeovers.

Our DomainWatch solution continuously monitors the Surface, Deep and Dark Web for your data and we instantly alert you if it appears, allowing you to take immediate action to prevent attacks, tell your staff to change passwords and be on their guard for the phishing attacks that will be heading their way.

Additionally, continuously monitor your IP addresses can let you know if hackers are planning attacks. Automate alerts mean you can sleep soundly knowing that we are monitoring and we will contact you if there's anything to be concerned about

Some Dark Web Info

The Dark Web is predominantly used for illegal activity but is also used in countries where countries have a restrictive online ecosystem.

Information from over 620 million accounts is available for sale on the dark web

Dark Web comprises of almost 90% of the internet

Malicious Software-as-a-Service available for novices

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DomainWatch Editions

DomainWatch Essentials

1 Email Domain 

0 Public IP Addresses

Includes all subdomains

DomainWatch Silver

3 Email Domains 

5 Public IP Addresses

Includes all subdomains

DomainWatch Gold

5 Email Domains

10 Public IP Addresses

Includes all subdomains

DomainWatch Platinum

20 Email Domains 

50 Public IP Addresses

Includes all subdomains

Prices start from £40 per month minimum 12 month contract

Advanced Dark Web Breach Alerts Service Available call 0203 931 0199 to discuss