Our Managed Security Services

Take a proactive, preventative approach to your security with one of our Managed Security Services Bundles

Foundation Security

The basics to protect your business to keep you secure from any location and at all times. Talk to us about your business and we will guide you through the best choices to make.

  • Cloud protection to protect you from wherever you are working, we know coffee shops are a favourite of startups & entrepreneurs!
  • Our solutions easily grow with your business and we are always happy to guide you in best practices.
  • Build a Security Culture right from the start.
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Essential Security

The Essential cyber security tools to protect your business and keep it operational in any eventuality.

  • Fully managed proactive protection against current and never-seen-before threats.
  • Continuous, scalable protection no matter where you are or what size you grow to. A great platform to secure your business that can scale with the growth of your business.
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Advanced Security

In addition to the Essentials Security Bundle you get more monitoring, onsite services and training included.

  • Upgrade to Advance to further enhance your protection and truly see what is happening.
  • Make it more secure and easier for your users to access the applications they need. Monitor the Dark Web for your business credentials
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Comprehensive Security

There aren't many more layers of security you could add on top of all three!

  • More advanced Identity & Access Management and Managed Response.
  • Don't take our word for it that we have secured your business, upgrade to this level to get independent Penetration Testing to prove it.                                            
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Bespoke Security

Want to create your own bundle of Managed Security Services? No problem, let's have a chat about what service you require to protect your business and Brand Reputation and we will tailor a bundle to your requirements.

  • Choose from the products we have to fit any security gaps you may have and we will manage it for you*.
  • If we don't have a product or service that you require we will add it to our Portfolio of products.
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