Comprehensive Security - MSSP3

A wider range of additional monitoring and automated response to enhance your security posture.

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Comprehensive Security

On-Site Services

No additional charge for any on-site work required. 

Vulnerability Scanning

Detects and classifies system weaknesses in computers, networks and communications equipment.

Data Loss Prevention

Ensure that sensitive data remains secure within the corporate network. constantly monitor and filter data in real-time

Network Access Control

Unify endpoint security technology user or system authentication and network security enforcement.

User & Entity Behaviour

Detect any anomalous behaviour or instances when there are deviations from “normal” patterns.

Endpoint Detect & Response

Continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats and malicious activity on endpoints.

Intrusion Prevention

Identify suspicious activity, and then log information, attempt to block the activity, and then finally to report it

Penetration Testing*****

Identify any security weaknesses. We provide a third party to complete this as we shouldn't check our own work!


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Add a fully Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution to your bundle giving complete piece of mind if the worst was to happen. Your business can be up and running within minutes with our solution. Quickly and efficiently capture your entire system including the OS, applications, settings and data on your servers (Windows & Linux), desktop or laptops. Recover entire systems or specific files & folders all from the same back up image in minutes keeping your business operational.

*****Provided at an additional discounted cost by a third party.