Full Stack Email Security Free Trial Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions will apply if you have a Free Trial Period for Full Stack Email Security as provided by The Email Laundry Limited through ActiSoft Technology Limited.

  1. The Free Trial shall last for a period of 14 days only. After the 14 day Free Trial Period, the regular price for the Full Stack Email Security SaaS will be charged.

  2. All Customers signing up for the Free Trial will be required to provide a Purchase Order for any additional period after the 14 day Free Trial.

  3. Customers not wishing to continue the Full Stack Email Security Service must cancel the Service using the Free Trial Cancellation Form 3 working days before the Free Trial Period ends. Email reminders will be sent 7 days before the Free Trial Period turns into a paid annual contract.

  4. The Annual Contract is an evergreen contract and will automatically renew at the end of the term unless 60 days notice in writing is received by ActiSoft Technology Limited.

  5. Offer applies to New Customers only who select the 14 Day Free Trial Period.

  6. Paid Services as per Full Stack Email Security package, add-ons such as Email Continuity are an additional cost, quote available on request.

  7. Reduction of Received Malicious Emails, Spoofing Emails to be agreed prior to the start of Free Trial Period.

  8. Notice will be sent if any payment is not made within the agreed Payment Terms and the Service will be terminated with immediate effect.

  9. Upon commencement of the Free Trial Period, it is deemed that all Terms & Conditions are accepted.

  10. ActiSoft Technology Limited and The Email Laundry reserves the right to remove or cancel the Free Trial offer at any time.

  11. ActiSoft Technology Limited and The Email Laundry reserves the right to change the features of the Free Trial at any time.

  12. ActiSoft Technology Limited’s General Terms and Conditions apply.

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