Email Security Trial FAQ

You have questions, we have answers. Here are the most common questions we get asked.

Do I need to give my credit card details to start a trial?

No, you don’t need any credit card details to start a trial. Simply fill out the form at the end and one of our team will get you set up.

Can I cancel the free trial at any time?

Of course you can. You can just switch your MX records back to what they were before and email will no longer be reaching us. Please let us know so we can disable the account.

How long does it take to get a trial started?

Trials typically take 15 minutes to set up. As we are a security company we do double check all new subscribers are who they say they are before commencing a trial.

How do you charge for your service? Per mailbox, per seat, or per user?

We charge per user for our email security service.

Why should I use a cloud solution as opposed to an on-premise one?

We can do a significant number of additional checks as a cloud provider that an on-site solution cannot do. Some decisions on malware and malicious traffic are based on behaviour across the entire service and all the domains. Without a cloud service, you don’t have access to this type of cyber threat intelligence. The cloud service also adds layers of reliability to your email system. We can queue email for you if your email host is unavailable, decreasing company down-time.

Can I use your services if I’m using Office 365?

Yes, all of our services are compatible with Office 365, Hosted Exchange, and Google Apps.

What hours of support do you cover?

Our support is 24x7x365, available by phone and email.

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